Jim retired after a 38 year career in railroad management, now he commits his time to community service, church work, a mediation practice, and his art.

“It seems that I’ve had the talent and have drawn all of my life. I left college to work for the railroad after finding out that art teachers didn’t make a lot of money in the early 70’s. After I retired I became serious about my art and constantly work to improve it. I believe that “iron sharpens iron” so I am always looking to learn from other artist. I’ve been fortunate to have studied with a “mentor” artist like A.J. Schexnayder, and others. Over time, my work has progressed toward the many aspects of the western lifestyle. It continues to be a challenge to paint the animals, the scenery, and the people. Even more-so to include the feeling that continues to draw me to that western lifestyle. That’s what drives me.”