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“It seems that I’ve had the talent and have drawn all of my life. I left college to work for the railroad after finding out that art teachers didn’t make a lot of money in the early 70’s. After I retired I became serious about my art and constantly work to improve it. I believe that “iron sharpens iron” so I am always looking to learn from other artist. I’ve been fortunate to have studied with a “mentor” artist like A.J. Schexnayder, and others. Over time, my work has progressed toward the many aspects of the western lifestyle. It continues to be a challenge to paint the animals, the scenery, and the people. Even more-so to include the feeling that continues to draw me to that western lifestyle. That’s what drives me.”

Jim Kuykendall

Jim Kuykendall


A retired railroad man, Jim now creates his rails with a brush.

“Sometimes I think that I was born 100 years too late. I love the western life. I love the western sunsets and the way the people of the west live, act, and speak. I’m not foolish enough to think that it was or is all easy. It’s a tough lifestyle that still requires strong people. I know because my mother came from that stock. My grandfather Luther (Big-un) Thornton was a cowboy in Montana, New Mexico, and Texas. His father Columbus Thornton was a pioneer cattleman that took a herd up the trail to Kansas in 1864. His father Robert helped settle the Texas frontier. My mother Lillian Thornton Kuykendall was born and lived on the great Matador Ranch. She’s buried near Spur Texas at the old Tapp/Red Mud Cemetery. Resting with many of the other West Texas Pioneers. Maybe all of that is why I am drawn to the west. To the western people, and life. Maybe I should have been a cowboy……….”

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